Project | 2020



Gathenhielmska will soon open its doors as a culture house and needs a website for their new business. It was important for the client to keep the history of the house but express it in a new and modern way to increase visitors and interest. 


UX, UI & visual identity

The history of the house

To incorporate the culture of the house in the website we used illustrations from antique wallpaper that exists in the house. We wanted to create a site with historic touch designed for the user to easily find what they look for.


Started off with lots of research to get a deeper understanding of the brand. Then started with simple wireframes and user tests to make sure our design was easy to understand.

With an emphasis on mobile-first users, the website is built to work seamlessly across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

We combined impactful brand photography, relevant details, and clear call-to-actions in order to provide users with the necessary information to either visit the house or purchase a ticket for an event.

To sum up

Designing a functional website is hard, many steps you do not think about at the start of the project is needed for a smooth custumer journey. I am walking away from this project with alot of new insights and learning about design systems, UI, UX and leading a project together with another designer.